TITANsim - 0.0.1

This document is the reference documentation for the Treatment of Infection and Transmission in Agent-based Networks (TITAN) simulation package developed by Marshall Labs at Brown University (see TitanModel.org)

The program is developed and runs using Python 2.7 on all OS platforms. The Python bindings are included in the titanmodel package, but require, additional modules to be installed, namely numpy and networkX.

Apart from this document, there exists some additional documentation as well:

The development source code of the binaries can be found on GitHub. The TITAN installers, as well as source code packages for the program, can be found in the ‘programs’ directory.

In case you’re interested in running simulations from R, you’ll need to have a working Python version installed as well. For MS-Windows this is typically not installed by default; when installing this it’s best to use the default directory (e.g. C:\Python27 or C:\Python34).

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